We are looking for a Video Game Artist

WEZA is a Technology, Art and Culture Startup based in Nairobi, Kenya. Our mission is to empower Africa using games and interactive media. The Startup focusses on creating interactive experiences for Africa that inspire, empower, educate and entertain with the aim of activating the potential of the African gaming market and industry. We are looking …

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Project Riziki

THE MZITO STORY CONTINUES WITH RIZIKI The Lions have awoken and Shujja is now present within the people. The potential of Africa rises but the corruption is still here dividing the people and causing disunity. Riziki calls the Mzito to embark on there next journey. A journey to unite Africa using its diverse music rhythms and dance. Only together can we fight the dark …

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The Mzito Story – In the Beginning

Today and in the coming weeks, we hope to share with you more about our Universe and what it means to be Mzito. But first, our story needs a beginning...   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WYFIKEwGhJU   Our Journey Begins here. Join the Movement, Awaken Africa.   PlayStore Download Link: MZITO – PLAYSTORE LINK AppStore Link: Mzito IOS LINK Mzito …

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Game Mixer South Africa by Goethe-Institut.

In November last year(2017), we were chosen to be part of the Goethe Instituts Game Mixer which was held in Johannesburg. Game Mixer aimed to promote professional exchange between game developers from around the world. It brought together game developers came from Brazil, Ethiopia, Germany,  Indonesia,  Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and  Uganda. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OReM8HGSJsg It started …

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