It is never the destination but the Journey… In Mzito there is no journey without the land …. the earth from which you stand.The platforms will guide you, follow them, free them, Awaken them….

Today on the Mzito dev blog I will share some of the art improvements we have been working on. More updates coming soon.


Download Link.

Other Download Pages:
OneDrive :http://bit.ly/Mzito3_5
itch.io :http://bit.ly/mzitoitch
SlideDB :http://bit.ly/mzitoslidedb

Facebook: Mzito

Twitter : @Mzito_Dev

Instagram :mzito_dev


YouTube : Mzito Development



Mzito Community and Feedback   : http://bit.ly/mzitocommunity


Who is Mzito? : http://bit.ly/whoismzito

Home : http://bit.ly/mzitoblog

About : http://bit.ly/mzitoabout

Contact us : http://bit.ly/mzitocontact


Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.

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