First of the Sleeping Lions.

In ancient African folk stories they spoke of a place only for the Mzito. A place where wisdom, knowledge and the histories of Africa were preserved and passed on. Inside this place you would hear a raoring call in the deepest parts of the spirit . It felt as if something inside you had finally returned home. It is believed that in this place one of the five  Ancient spirits of Africa reside. This spirit would appear in the form of celestial Lions .Each representing a corner of Africa. They called this place The Lions Den.

Our story starts here when a great sleep devastates Africa. Forcing all the lands into a deep unending sleep. This sleep striped the connection of the Ancient Spirits , their land and there people. The spirits looked across there once thriving lands and wept with loud roars. Unfortunately this called the sleep to the Lions Den and us it got closer the Lions grew weaker. They knew that soon they would fall into the same unending fate. Thus they each split a piece from themselves combined it and the Mzitos were born.

The Mzitos were their last hope of awakening. The Sleep finally engulfed the Lions and begun to chase the newly born Mzitos.

The Mzitos then heard a calling within them. The only way to stop the Sleep was to awaken the Sleeping Lions. Only then shall Africa return to its former glory.

This is where the Mzitos begin their journey. They must awaken the first Lion in the Ancestral Den which will allow them to find the rest across Africa.

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Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

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