Monday Funday

Greetings Gamers its monday again and you know what that means. Today we will be sharing the latest updates on  Mzito and giving insights on things to come.


  • Six fully prototyped Levels.
  • New Enemies .
  • U.I  improvments
  • New U.I indicating the distance from the sleeping Lions.


Updates in the pipeline.

  • Nine more levels in the prototype pipeline , each inspired by an iconic locations in Africa
  • New boost items to help the Mzitos in their Journey through Africa
  • New Reward and achievements system
  • New shop where you can buy awesome Mzito goodies
  • A complete Art overhaul …..yes this means beautiful locations , characters , U. I and a lot more . Mzito is getting a fresh look your all welcome on the hype train.


Yes a lot is coming. Want to hear more from us? tune to KTN on Thursday morning at 08:20 am for our live interview on Tech Central.

Finlay  we will leave you with the latest Mzito Gifs .

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Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.

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