A New Beginning.

This week marks the beginning of the next phase in the development of Mzito. We will begin painting the world of Mzito in a new light through improvements in the games art, sound and story. We will begin this transition by sharing some of the concept work we have been working on for the new …

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Let Me Upgrade You?

This week I will be sharing the in-game shop I have been working on this week . You will now be able to spend all the coins you gain on cool costumes and  upgrades that will help you on your journey around Africa. This is just the first version , improvements will continuously be made. …

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Victoria Falls 2

Today  we will revisit the victoria falls and I will share with you some of the improvements we have been working on. Your feedback would be great. For more on this visit Victoria Falls.   art by   Pierre Adriaan Du Plessis Download Link. Other Download Pages: OneDrive :http://bit.ly/Mzito3_5 itch.io :http://bit.ly/mzitoitch SlideDB :http://bit.ly/mzitoslidedb Facebook: Mzito Twitter : …

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