Do You Feel The Awakening?

Do you feel the Awakening? The raging vibrations from the land that will bring forth the new beginning. Like slowly rising tremors in our chests, it brings hope. It’s harmony unconsciously bringing us  together in unity. The future is bright and we are that light.

So I ask again Mzito , do you feel the Awakening?

“Voice of the Ancestors”

Over the past 2 weeks, we have been working on some awesome art updates on Mzito that we would love to share with you and get you opinions.The art updates include new U.I, enemies and backgrounds.

These are the first 5 locations Mzito will visit on his /her journey  . Make sure you leave a comment if you can share, like, tell a friend.

The day of Awakening draws near…Do you feel it?

Art by : Andrew Mahowa

Download Link.


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Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.



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