Do You Feel The Awakening?

Do you feel the Awakening ? The raging vibrations from the land that will bring forth the new beginning . Like slowly rising tremors in our chests it brings hope. Its harmony unconsciously bringing  us  together in unity. The future is bright and we are that light.

So I ask again Mzito , do you feel the Awakening?

“Voice of the Ancestors”

Over the  past 2 weeks we have been working on some awesome art updates on Mzito that we would love to share with you and get you opinions.The art updates include new U.I , enemies and backgrounds.

These are the first 5 locations Mzito will visit on his /her  journey  . Make sure you leave a comment if you can . Share , like , tell a friend.

The day of Awakening draws near…Do you feel it?

Art by : Andrew Mahowa

Download Link.


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Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.



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