The Awakening draws near… are you ready?

The time is now … no more wars against brothers and sisters, no more shall our hearts be filled with sadness, desperation and corruption. Rise up Africa and weep no more.

Open their eyes Mama Africa .                                                                                                          Open the eyes of your children
Wake them up from the deep slumber
Let them see the vultures, hovering up in the sky
Patiently waiting, waiting for their corpses
Let them unite and reason
Let them embrace one another with warmth
Warmth of their creative ideas
Created in their own soil by their own hands

Let your children arise and dance
Dance to the greater heights of Kilimanjaro
Let them sing, sing of a future
A fearless future of consciousness,
A future of hope, a future of a proud Africa
By her children


Over the past month we have been working on  the finishing touches on Mzito and if everything goes according to schedule we should be releasing in the next 2 weeks! . Today  I would like to share with you some of our latest updates which include new items in the Mzito Kiosk plus brand new levels inspired by more African locations . Please let us know what you think.

Art by : Andrew Mahowa

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Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.


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