The French Tech Ticket

Greetings everyone hopes you’re all having a great new year. We, as the Weza Interactive Entertainment team are humbled to announce that we are winners of the French Tech Ticket.


What is the French Tech Ticket?  It is a program where 70 startups from all over the world are selected and will join 41 startup incubators in France for a period of 12 Months to grow their companies and their products.

We are both honoured to not only represent Kenya and Africa in this program but the growing gaming industry in the continent. Due to this our team will be split working from both Lille, France and Nairobi, Kenya.

During this 12 month program, Weza Interactive Ent.  will be incubated at Plaine Images. Which is a workspace for creativity and economic development dedicated to digital media and creative industries. It is an ecosystem for digital media composed of thriving startups and companies offering a vast array of skills.


We believe 2017 will be a game changer for us and the gaming industry in Kenya. A lot of great things are coming. The Awakening has begun and it began in Africa.

Here is a video explaining our experience so far.



Beta Download Link.


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