Game Mixer South Africa by Goethe-Institut.

In November last year(2017), we were chosen to be part of the Goethe Instituts Game Mixer which was held in Johannesburg.

Game Mixer aimed to promote professional exchange between game developers from around the world. It brought together game developers came from Brazil, Ethiopia, Germany,  Indonesia,  Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa and  Uganda.

It started with a  GameCamp, an open, participatory bar-camp-style series of DIY workshops, talks and sessions. The GameCamp focused on peer learning and open discussions on chances and challenges of the game industry in participating countries. It was followed by an internal and public showcase of games by all participants. Here we got the opportunity to acquaint themselves with each other’s works by playtesting their games. and have in-depth discussions with the audience during the public showcase.

We also got to visit the most interesting game studios in Johannesburg and got an inside view of the gaming industry in South Africa plus visit Soweto and learn a bit about the history and culture of South Africa.

The program’s finale was a game jam, where mixed teams collaborate on game prototypes.

The Game mixer was a blast! We received a great amount of expert feedback on our project Mzito, shared its concept and our vision.We meet, shared and collaborated with some awesome game developers and even challenged one of Johannesburg’s escape rooms together. It was an experience to remember.

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