The story begins in Africa.In ancient folk stories, they spoke of a place reserved for the Mzito. A place where wisdom, knowledge and the histories of Africa were preserved and passed on. Inside this place, you would hear a roaring call in the deepest parts of the spirit.  It is believed that in this place one of the five Ancient spirits of Africa resides. This spirit would appear in the form of celestial Lions.Each representing a corner of Africa. They called this place The Lions Den.However, a great ancient evil had plagued Africa and caused the people to fall into a deep slumber. This sleep stripped the Ancient Spirits of their connection with their land and their people. As the sleep got closer the Lions grew weaker. They knew that soon they would fall into the same unending fate.The Lions looked across their once thriving lands and wept with loud roars. Thus before they succumbed to the unending slumber, they split a piece from themselves and created the first two Mzito’s. The Mzito’s were blessed with all the potential of Africa. Tasked with the duty of awakening the Sleeping lions, they must travel all over Africa and use the skills blessed upon them to spread the awakening.Only then shall Africa return to its former glory.

A blog on the development of Mzito. A 2D endless platform faller for mobile phones.Here we will share new art, mechanics and features on the game at each step to keep everyone psyched and updated on our journey. The journey to awaken the Sleeping Lions.

Developed By: Weza Interactive Entertainment.

Beta Download Link.


Facebook: Mzito

Twitter : @Mzito_Dev

Instagram :mzito_dev


YouTube: Mzito Development

Who is Mzito? : Who is mzito?

Who are the Ancient Spirits? : The Ancient Spirits of Africa

Home: Mzito Blog Home page

About: Mzito About Page

Contact us: Mzito Contact Page


Awaken The Sleeping Lions.

Awaken Africa.




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