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Mzito Gameplay Trailer

Besides continuous updates on Mzito, we have been working on a short gameplay trailer. Check it out below and let us know what you think. Don't forget to share!   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utqd-zNiYQA Beta Download Link. MZITO – PLAYSTORE LINK Mzito PressKit: PressKit Facebook: Mzito Twitter: @Mzito_Dev Instagram :mzito_dev YouTube: Mzito Development Who is Mzito? : Who is Mzito? …

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The Awakening Is Here.

Awaken Africa
To a battery of fresh ideas
A synagogue of truce
An altar of oneness
To thee I call, ‘awaken’.

Be not asleep
To the insomnia of your rivals
Gather up materials
And let your minds think
Your voices speak
Your hands create
Do not delay
For to thee i call, ‘awaken’

Unique and meek
Green and white we chose at last
The final phase of the battle
Excited and united
Let us together
Eat sweet laughter

Preserved without voucher
Energized without charger
An impact maker
A solution carrier
A record breaker
A pace setter
The wonder of many nations
Amazement filled with potentials
Our validity is eternal

We rock
We block
We rule
We discipline
We are African!